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Pac Fruit Premium Sweater

Who doesn’t love playing games? We all do! This sweater is inspired by the famous Pac Man games back at the 90′s. The colorful fruits reflects the joy and fun of young people world. We bet this sweater can cheer up your day!

Geometric Rabbit Premium Sweater

In this design, our artist play a bit with geometric shapes. We combine animals and geometric shape and the result is a super cool and one-of-a-kind rabbit face! Definitely you won’t get this unique design anywhere else!

Deer Premium Sweater

This sweater is inspired by an iconic cartoon character, Bambi. But our twist is we make this deer silhouette in a combination of dark colors to make it more cool!

Squirrel Premium Sweater

Flashy magenta sweater with cute peanut-eating-squirrel siluet at the middle! Uber cute!

Unique Design

Our super talented local artist always came up with a really great design idea. If you love to be different, this sweater would be your choice.


We use a fine 100% cotton thread to make our sweater which resulting in a sweater that is warm enough but wouldn’t make you all sweaty. It’s just perfect for our tropical weather.


100% Local

Made by skilled local craftsmans, all of the making process are done here in Bandung, Indonesia. By buying this sweater, you become a supporter of our local economy.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to buy?

A: Please click at the picture of your chosen product. Pick the size and the amount of product you want to buy, then click “Add To Cart”. If you want to continue your shopping you can browse other product by clicking “Shop Now” button at the top. If you’re done, click the button “View Cart”, check your order and then click “Proceed to Checkout. Fill the Billing Details and then choose shipping method and payment method. After that click “Place Order”. You will receive an email stating your order and our bank account number. Please transfer your payment to that account and confirm your payment by replying the email or text to 0857 820 57 627 or line us at auburnandginger. We’ll send your package via JNE courier between 1-2 days after we received your payment.

J: Silakan klik di gambar produk yang kamu suka. Pilih ukuran dan jumlah barang yang ingin dibeli, setelah itu klik “Add To Cart”. Jika kamu mau, kamu bisa meneruskan belanja dengan mengklik tombol “Shop Now” di atas. Jika sudah selesai, klik tombol “View Cart”, cek pesanan kamu, lalu klik “Proceed to Checkout”. Isi nama dan alamat pengiriman di Billing Details, lalu pilih metode pengiriman dan metode pembayaran. Jika sudah, klik “Place order”. Kamu akan menerima email yang berisikan order kamu dan nomer rekening bank kami. Silakan transfer ke salah satu rekening tersebut. Jika sudah, silahkan konfirmasi lewat email atau sms ke 0857 820 57 627 atau line kami di auburnandginger. Kami akan mengirimkan paket kamu melalui layanan JNE antara 1-2 hari kerja setelah pembayaran kami terima.

Q: I find it difficult to order through website, is there any other way to order?

J: If you find the product that you love, you can contact us through line : auburnandginger or text to 0857 820 57  627. We’ll process your order immediately :)

A: Jika kamu sudah menemukan produk yang kamu suka, kamu juga bisa langsung menghubungi kami lewat line : auburnandginger atau sms ke 0857 820 57 627. Kami akan langsung memproses pesanan kamu :)

Q: What is A&G phone number and line account?

A: Please text us to 0857 820 57627 (sms only) for order or payment confirmation. Also you can reach us at LINE at auburnandginger

J: Silakan sms untuk order dan konfirmasi ke nomor 0857 820 57627 (sms only). Kami juga bisa dikontak lewat LINE di auburnandginger

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